FIFA 15 Coins, FUT 15 Coins, Buy FIFA 15 Coins
FIFA 15 Coins, FUT 15 Coins, Buy FIFA 15 Coins

​X Box One to FIFA 15 PS4

So I am on fifa coins PS 4 but I have an older brother who recently switched from PS4 to X Box. (this year) He never got use to the X Box controller and wants to switch back. The issue is that the amount of money he has thrown into FIFA this year is beyond ridiculous. Were talking about half a dozen legends along with IF Ronaldo, TOTY Neur, TIF Griezmann.. etc. I live in Southern California. What would be the best way to help him swap coins from X Box to PS4. I have a little to gain from this.. not gonna lie.. but were talking about MILLIONS of coins. My initial thought is that a full email Xchange with someone on PS4 would be the best case scenario. I just would not know how to go about doing this unless someone was local. I do not want to trust someone with this account if I cannot meet them.

Lengends Include







13k fifa 15 coins pc + items in the account... have not gone thru them. Safe to say.. this account is set for the rest of the year.


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