The ideas below come directly from Buy FIFA 15 Coins commenter Arda and was the most popular submission from April on our FIFA 15 wishlist. His suggestions are listed below.

People came up with some brilliant ideas, I will just round-up the best ones to my liking (and add some comments) then state my own.

-Goal of the month: This is really a great idea if it's possible just go ahead and do it, would be a huge addition. Yet it might be hard to simulate AI matches in a real way so, don't know.

-Manager animations: Joining players after winning the cup or getting mad on touchline, it is doable and you should give it a shot.

-Authentic team characters: I know that you can't simply deal with every team, but since you are the official partner of BPL you should at least try this for BPL teams. I don't want to see West Ham exploring middle of the park, doing tiki-taka better than Barcelona and Kevin Nolan giving the through ball like he is Pirlo. No, they should just pump the ball up to Carroll or try to run me over the flanks. Or Crystal Palace(since there is Pulis now) can play like Gandalf vs Balrog and just say YOU SHALL NOT PASS. (I like Pulis' teams btw)

-Stadiums getting full on big occasions: It might be hard to implement this feature but perhaps by implementing a national and international reputation, it can be done. Again a great idea but not sure to what extent it is realizable.


- Goal Celebrations: After a player scores I like when I decide the celebration but something's just wrong with the whole animation. Maybe it's the camera, WC 2010 did a great job on this I think, you might just go back to it.

-More in depth commentary: Commentary is just lame, after 50 matches you know every single line of it, and while playing with Arsenal I might just get bored with listening Alan Smith goal vs Liverpool (just kidding I won't, but seriously). He is a good forward, good striker, likes to see Arsenal at the top but we already know it. You can do the match squad trick in this as well, get some new information or lines every week.

-More realistic commentary: Especially after goals, you can't get the feeling remember Martin Tyler , that's a commentary there. If you don't here you go Of course I am not expecting this performance after every goal, but closing the 90th minute getting ahead or equalizing should be special. Simply put, goals should be commentating in the context 60th minute and getting 4-0 ahead yeah bravo to you but not getting any goosebumps, 90 and scored one you are getting them, simple as that. Besides goals commentating of tackles, passes and dribbles should give you some excitement as well.


-Player fan relations: Stated perfectly above so not adding any comments.

-Career mode calendars: It shouldn't be that hard to arrange a proper calendar. I did a FA Cup and two BPL matches within 5 days. This has been an ongoing problem for sometime, and really annoying.


-Studio: again brilliantly put above, after seeing the exterior plan, we should be able to see the studio and hear to the guys commentating on the match, before the match. Lines, again, should be varied though.

-More Management: Few topics stated above are in this issue actually. Make us choose or even alter kits, so they will be changing from season to season. This may also have sponsor element so you might negotiate with sponsors and this can effect your finance. Remember this was in F?fa Manager so why not bring it here. Another aspect to this is maybe, having talks with your players, who happen to declare that they wanna leave out of blue.

-Champions League/Euro League'European Super Cup: Major absence

-Realistic Cup Celebrations

-Referees making wrong decisions: They should be making some wrong calls, blatant or close and commentators should be talking about them.


-Goals: You can't get the feeling of scoring a goal when the ball enters the goal, as stated above. Don't know what but something's wrong, though on PS4 it's better.

Fans: They're very silent and not interactive. When a player is going through goal they should stand up and you should be able to hear the"oooo"s, they should celebrate a goal louder.

-Lateral Pass and Move: This might just be my favourite suggestion here. Would be a perfect addition. After FIFA 11 and introduction of FUT game had just been so vertical, make the game more realistic and more simulative.


My FIFA 15 Suggestions:

Off the Pitch

-Preseason Tours: You should have offers in Career Mode and select an area to organise a pre season.


-Preseason Matches: In friendly matches you can only have 3 substitutions. Make it unlimited

Press Conferences: Not going into any details here, just look up to NBA2K on this. Press should ask you rumors, transfer, previous match, next match, injuries, form of a player etc. Answers you give should have an effect as well.

-GTN: GTN is a very good idea but might be just better if scouts tour the world on it's own and searched for the players according to the set criteria. when they foind someone they should mail you and you should decide if he should scout him further.


-Dynamic Traits/positions: This should especially work on younger players. When a player plays in a different position frequently he should familiarise with that position. Same goes with traits, you should be able to get a trait after some time e.g long passer.

-Player Development: Players should develop in the way we play them. If I am making too much short passes with a player and never use him at in front of goal, his passing should increase more than his finishing. FIFA 15 Coins Player positions are also important on this.

-More Leagues: Who doesn't want it?

-More traits: Offside prone, one-touch passer(Busquets in midfield, Giroud in attack), for keepers penalty stopper etc.


On the Pitch

- Catching up the Attacker: I don't have any idea why you do this, why does Mertesacker catches Dyer after he gets past him, it is impossible. Just annoying

- More tactical interference: Changes to personnel orr formation should be more effective, custom tactics as well. FIFA 10 was better in this aspect.


-Keeper Animations: More varied saves

-More Simulative Gameplay: FUT killed the game, it's dependence to speed and agility changed the way game played, now it's much more based in speed and counter-attacks. FIFA 10, again, had the perfect balance in this. You can set the speed of going forward but you can't set the tempo anymore. A few quick passes and movement of players should speed up or you might just play at a slow tempo, again FIFA 10 and 11 had this.

Do you agree with these ideas? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, be sure to list your own ideas as well on our FIFA 15 community wishlist.