FIFA 15 Coins, FUT 15 Coins, Buy FIFA 15 Coins
FIFA 15 Coins, FUT 15 Coins, Buy FIFA 15 Coins

​THANK GOD for FIFA futscope!!

Damn I love that site. Probably today it fixed my self confidence as a player in FIFA coins. I avoid seasons cuz of the sweat and I sometimes play worse when I am playing seasons.

So I had a cup final and I see that guy team and it was amazing (I have a similar team ) TOTY Neuer/Ramos/Kroos ibra/Suarez Sif Neymar and formation 4:5:1.


First 15 minutes it was though the guy liked to pass. You know those guys that just pass thru the back 4 and then again and trying to get on your nerves to make a mistake for them to lob it... That didnt happen I had 40% possesion first half but hit two bars and had like 6 shots to 1 for him..

At the half time I futscooped him and to my amazement he was a DIV 1 regular with a record of 400-200. So second half I told to myself I have to beat him no excuses.. I pumped up the attack and I scored then another one he went attacking and stopped passing and I hit him two times more... I felt goood and I felt great because he had won Div 1 many times..


I will make a push for it this weekend if I did not had futscope I would have rated him Div 3 or 4 TOPS... I underestimate myself and always when I win in Cups i think I am playing scrubs but I have 200 wins there to 50 losses so I must have done something right...

Self Confidence is important for seasons and thanks to futscope I have enough of it to make a push for the buy fifa 15 coins title

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