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Queue Times? Get over yourself

Come on people, everytime i check the forums there is people moaning over and over about the queue times.

This didn’t come as a surprise to Blade & Soul Gold anyone. Almost any new MMO Game out there is heavily overrun on the servers the first days & weeks and it’s always expected to be queue times.


A lot of people want bigger servers, but you also have to consider that increasing the number on a server increasing the load and causing more lag.

Sure NC could have done a better job, BUT HEY! what company did succeed on a launch? Even World of Warcraft, Warlords of Draenor had the biggest fail launch ever and that’s Blizzard that’s 100x times bigger, what i mean is that everyone fails and it’s expected.


About the queue times, get over yourself.

IF you have to wait for such a long time: Roll a sandwich, watch a movie, take a cold shower and chill down or buy the premium signature for 5§ for a week and get almost instant queues.


It’s 5§, nobody dies from it and ontop of that you will level up a bit faster along with more goodies. All i am saying is that the world is not going down and in a week or two it should be more calm. That’s why a week signature for 5§ premium can be worth it for you.

Otherwise reroll lower populated server, just don’t moan to much.

We all suffer but not everyone cries.

Peace yo.

Many people ‘cry’ because some of us already started and can’t turn back.

My lvl 37 Summoner can’t log on due to people who can’t get into Mushin go to Poh or Jiwan (Server I play on in 3 day head-start).


The que times are about 2-3 hours if you aren’t premium.

Worlds of Warcraft EXPANSION, can not be compared to a newly launched title, if I was a loyal WoW fan enough to buy a new expansion, you bet your ass ill sit through a queue to play it. The same cant be said for a new game I havent even been able to experience yet. Not being able to play rubs off in an extremely negative way and turns away potential Buy Blade And Soul Gold paying customers as well as hurting the flow of new players into the game (people telling others of the outrageous queue’s and that the game just doesnt seem worth putting up with them.


Youd think ncsoft wouldve learned from WildStar, or seen what a cluster*cricket* TRION had with Archeages launch. To this day i’d have to say GW2 was one of the smoothest launches NCsoft has ever had (hell smoothest MMO launch in a long time for a game that was simply B2P)

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