FIFA 15 Coins, FUT 15 Coins, Buy FIFA 15 Coins
FIFA 15 Coins, FUT 15 Coins, Buy FIFA 15 Coins

​(PC) Weirdo guy looking for a FIFA 15 club


Playing time - after 10pm GMT, fairly active at times.

Mic - yes

Positions I like fifa 15 coins pc playing are RB/LB, DM & CM (defensive minded CM). I also like playing in forward positions, but I tend to come deep when the team are struggling with possession and dont get many goals/assists anyway.


Pretty experienced on PC clubs, maybe looking to get back into fifa (thank goodness for the origin 'great game' guarantee refund though, the only good thing about EA)

Formerly known as Jambo-ista and Magus-1874 i've been a right tube at times with my conduct and embarrassed with it, but it was never malicious towards anyone. I am only looking for a fresh start on fifa with a group of players who I havent played with before, and absolutely nothing more


Looking to have a trial with an extremely casual club who are pro-active discussing tactics during a match, focusing on the team, when the team are all over the place, rather than focusing on an individual/individuals, who usually play with 7/8 minimum and at times during a match are content on playing with a slow tempo, passing the ball around rather than being direct 100%.

I'm no better than your average- PC fifa player, but if your club has the above atrributes a trial would be very much appreciated.


I tend to have bad lag where the game is harder to play. I dont like playing a solo DM and FB when our other defenders are all bots, as it's boring and pish particularly when its laggy.

I've not played any club/drop-in games on fifa 15, but im level 73 EASFC so have some pro boosts to start with.


No hackers.

Origin: Jamboista-1874


A great PM from someone called the 'waitingtooth'

I would love to join yer club, but only if I can buy fifa 15 coins ps4 dry you off all over after the post match shower !!

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