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​Manager FIFA 15 progression

I started managing a small Danish side in career mode a while back (FC Midtjylland). I'm now in the 17/18 season having won the Europa League, cheap fifa 15 coins Champions League x 2 and the Superliga multiple times. I feel like a new challenge at a larger club in the prem or La liga or somewhere of similar size. The problem is that when I go to for any managerial positions I can only apply for teams that are incredibly small such as in Chile or Korea?

Does anyone know how FIFA determines what jobs you can apply for? I would assume that an accomplished manager should have all sorts of job offers but it does not seem so. Is it based on starting XI quality, trophy count or what?


I think its usually based on your boards expectations and how you go. Eg if the board says mid-table and you win the league, you will get offers. If your expectation is to win the league and you do, you are only doing whats expected fifa coins of you. Stupid I know

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