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FIFA 15 Coins, FUT 15 Coins, Buy FIFA 15 Coins

EA fifa Support Flawed

One of my friends is trying to post in the forum.

He has raised issues about not playing people in the same division online and constantly playing against this generation of high cheap fifa 15 coins division cheats who only use the weaknesses in the game. They lob lob and use the stupid ways to win and do not play football.


So the question is why can he no longer post and EA sports are telling him post on the forum.

Seems a huge failure if you buy a product and cannot express your issues.

Due to some users creating lots of new accounts to mass spam abusive messages about another user the forum administrators have had to temporarily make probation accounts read only. This is only temporary and everyone should be able to post again soon.


I would guess the clubs issue is possibly down to a lack of possible opponents, try changing the matchmaking criteria. I would buy fifa coins guess that the game looks for matches in your division first then moves to a different division after that.

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