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FIFA 15 Coins, FUT 15 Coins, Buy FIFA 15 Coins

Any FIFA 15 ELO experts out there?

For most of FIFA 15 coins, I've bounced back and forth between 1st and 2nd. However, I am now consistently losing and am likely going to drop down to 4th division with 3 straight relegations. And it's not like I'm losing all close games, as I'm getting demolished sometimes. It's not the team, as this is my current squad:

NIF Messi - SIF Suarez

TOTY Iniesta

IF Vidal - SIF Pogba - IF Matuidi

Evra - IF Chielini - TOTY Silva - SIF Aurier


So my question is this, does anyone know if the amount of games played factors in to the matching system? Perhaps I've crossed some amount of games played constraint which has bumped up my ELO.


Its about performance - the more you win the more it matches (or tries to anyways) you with someone at a similar level.

By level I mean results wise not division.

My recs about 33-6-6 now but only a handful of the players Ive played were in my division. When I scope them after the game they tend to be in Div 2 or higher. I started doing this because I played some particularly difficult games for Div 7 so I started taking note and of course, turns out the opponents I was matched with were buy fifa coins mostly in Div 1/

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