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Account Bound Costumes would provide incentive to buy more

Hey all.

So this opinion is my own and I am sure not Buy BNS Gold everyone follows the same thinking, but here is my mental state on costumes as they are.


In the current system, the costumes are fairly expensive and they are one use. Now the expensive part... well that is always going to be an individual taste thing. Character exclusivity is not helping sell me on them though. There are a bunch of costumes on the store (and more to come down the road) but because I know it will only work for one character, I am not inclined to spend the money unless I see a costume which matches my character exactly. Let’s say I find two of these said costumes, I would get them, then settle. I would have to either come into a lot of spare cash or really REALLY like the costume to buy it. Generally not going to happen on every store update.

Now if the costumes were shared, my tolerance for the pricing goes way up. Even if I don’t like the costume that much, I’ll still buy it because it looks kinda cool maybe, and some alt may look pretty good in it. Perhaps I’ll get bored and use it for a change. Much more justifiable to do when I know I don’t have to keep re-buying it. As a result, I would spend much, much more money on cosmetics.


Scenario 1 - Character Exclusive) I buy - at tops - 2 costumes per character I ‘main’ sure as hell’s teeth leaving out paid costumes for alts. Say that is at max 3 characters, that is 6 costumes. Total. Ever.

Scenario 2 - Account Bound) As they are shared, I drop the money for the costumes I want (lets assume I double buy some costume in the first scenario, so we’ll say 4 initially) I also buy a few costumes for my Cat, some of the costumes I couldn’t quite justify and then when new costumes come out, I feel much more happy to drop cash for basic and good ones instead of just exceptional ones. Result: More initial expenses, plus a steady flow of cash from justifiable costume and cosmetic purchases.


I am not saying costumes that Buy BNS Gold have to be earned in game should be shared, just purchasable ones. Make them available upon login, retrieve them and store them in the wardrobe / use as required. When a new character is made, apply those costumes to the character at creation for immediate use. (Just make it so they can’t be destroyed or sold or traded or some such.

Right now, B&S is Scenario one, Guild Wars 2 - which I have spent waaaaay too much cash on for the cosmetics - is closer to Scenario 2.


I like this game, it’s style and it’s gameplay a lot. I am willing to spend the mulah to get stuff, but I would like to see the publishers meet us half way and make them worth the cost.

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